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Specialist Training Workshop

Understanding Self Harm

People who self-harm say that what they find most helpful is understanding, acceptance, support and someone to listen to them who will not judge them or tell them to stop. Some service users talk about their self-harm, whilst others require help with the more practical aspects of self-harm and the issues surrounding their reasons for self-harming.

Rape Crisis Tyneside and Northumberland does not provide training on how to stop someone from self-harming but aims to enable workers to explore the issues it brings up for them and to empower workers to feel more confident and to understand the reasons and messages behind self-harm.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Define self-harm
  • Know ways in which people harm themselves
  • Understand society’s attitudes to self-harm and the impact these have on individuals
  • Understand the motivations behind and functions of self-harm
  • Know your our own reactions to self-harm
  • Understand practice issues and the importance of self-care when working with self-harm

Currently we do not have any of these training courses in our training calendar, but for further information and to register your interest in this training, email:enquiries@rctn.org.uk

Bespoke in-house training can also be arranged. Contact us for details.

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