Thank you for attending. Todays training looking at SV against older women. A topic that is becomingly increasingly important for many reasons. A rapidly ageing population across western countries and an  increasing focus on extent of gender based and SV over the past few decades. 

Although most research is focused on younger and middle age women, we only recently understood it impacts of SV  older woman. I will start by giving a general overview based on the work of Hannah Bows. What do we know about SV against older women?  How often it occurs, what contexts are they experiencing SV in., where is it happening and by whom. Also we will look at the impacts on older women & barriers to disclosure.

Learning Outcomes:

1.    Understand the nature & prevalence of sexual violence in relation to older women.
2.    Understand the context of sexual violence in reloation to older women, including myths and realities
3.    Understand the barriers older women face in disclosing and reporting sexual violence
4.    Recognise the impact that sexual violence can have on older women
5.    Be aware of services and support available to older women who have experienced sexual violence.