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Rape Crisis Courses

Sexual Violence and Older Women Awareness Training

About this course

There are 4 sections of this course. Each section covers one of the learning outcomes. Throughout the course you will be asked to complete quizzes. All quizzes must be completed to pass the course.

You need to pass each quiz to move to the next section of this course. If you do not pass then you will need to redo that section. 

At the end of the course you will be asked to give feedback to help us develop this course for future learners.

You will be able to download a certificate of completion once you have successfully completed all 4 sections of this course. 

The device you use to complete the course will need sound as the course materials include film and audio.

The average length of time learners have taken to complete this course is 2 hours. 

Your Learning Outcomes

01. Begin to understand the nature & prevalence of sexual violence in relation to older women.

02. Begin to understand the context of sexual violence in relation to older women.

03. Recognise the impact that sexual violence can have on older women.

04. Identify the barriers older women may face in disclosing and reporting sexual violence.

We have included instructions throughout the course in orange to help you navigate the training.

Please Note: Sharing your account login with another person will result in the deletion your account and any course certificate(s) will be null and void.

Self Care Reminders

Self care is very important, some of the content may upset some users.

Throughout the course we will use these animations to warn you if the content may be triggering, and to remind you to take a break.

After enrolment, please click on Section 01: Nature & Prevalence to begin the course.
Please remember to do the course in order, so that you will have the tools to answer the quizzes.