How We Can Help

If you’ve experienced rape or sexual abuse it may be hard to talk to your close friends or family.

We provide free, safe, professional support and information for women and girls over 13 who have experienced any form of sexual violence at any time in their lives.  This means that we support women and girls who have experienced sexual violence recently and/or in the past, this includes childhood sexual abuse.

We believe that you should decide what the right kind of support is for you, this could be a combination of our services.

We offer the following to women and girls who live, work or study in Tyneside or Northumberland:

We are for all women including, but not limited to, women who identify as Lesbian, Bi, Trans and/or Questioning; Black, Minority Ethnic and Refugee women; and women with disabilities.

We can also provide information to those Supporting a Survivor of Sexual Violence.

Our Centres

We do that through Tyneside Rape Crisis Centre and Grace Northumberland Rape Crisis.


If you are not from the Tyneside or Northumberland area you can find information about your local Rape Crisis Centre on the Rape Crisis England & Wales website.