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Practical & Emotional Support

We believe that you should decide what the right kind of support is for you.

Our Practical & Emotional Support Service can offer a combination of:


We are sexual violence specialists but can help you to access the right support relating to housing, finance, work, education, health etc.


Offering you non-therapeutic emotional support by providing a safe space for you to have someone to talk to, provide reassurance and encouragement.  Our Practical & Emotional Support Service is not counselling.  We do have a Counselling service, more information about that is here: Counselling


Supporting you to access other organisations and speaking on your behalf if you want us to. This could include supporting you to report to the police, attend court and apply for compensation.

ISVA support (Independent Sexual Violence Adviser)

If you decide to report to the police or are currently involved in criminal justice procedures we can act as your ISVA. In these cases it is important that you do not tell us about the incident that you are reporting as this could jeopardise your case (the defence may argue that the evidence has been ‘contaminated’).

Our Practical & Emotional Support Service can be flexible and responsive to your needs; we can meet with you face to face or communicate via telephone or email and your worker will discuss with you how regularly you are in contact.

However there may be some things we are not qualified to support you with.  For example we cannot give legal advice and we will signpost you to specialist organisations better placed to advise and support you where appropriate.

Rape Crisis Tyneside and Northumberland is not a crisis service.  If you find yourself in crisis you should contact the appropriate service, for example your GP or 999 if it’s an emergency.

Accessing Practical & Emotional Support

You can contact us to refer yourself into our service, or someone else can refer you with your permission.

You will be added to our waiting list and our workers will contact you directly as soon as they can to discuss what type of support you need and to arrange a meeting.

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