Specialist Information

We can provide specialist information about a range of issues related to women and sexual violence (such as common reactions to rape and sexual abuse and self harm issues).

The centre acts as a local information service, signposting people to other appropriate services which may be able to offer advice, help and additional support if we are unable to help.

We have produced the following documents for women and girls who have experienced sexual violence and the people who support them:

Reading List

Books for women who have experienced sexual violence and their partners or supporters. RCTN Reading List


Many women survivors of sexual violence experience flashbacks at one time or another. Flashbacks are temporary states of remembering something painful or traumatic which has been hidden for quite some time in the subconscious mind and during a flashback you may feel as though aspects of the rape or sexual assault are actually happening to you now. The duration of a flashback differs and could last from a few seconds to a few hours.

This document gives information about flashbacks including; when they can occur and how to take care of yourself during and after a flashback.

 Download our Flashback Booklet

Supporting Survivors of Sexual Violence

This leaflet has been produced to guide and support you, the carer of a survivor of rape and other forms of sexual violence. It does not claim to have all the answers to dealing with such a situation, it can only guide and provide a basis for your own methods of support.  Each woman is an individual, and therefore will react differently to her trauma, and will need different kinds of support. Download our Supporting Survivors Leaflet