Whitley Bay-based poet, author and artist Gail Curry launches a book of 47 poems on 24th October to coincide with World Mental Health Day which reflects her experiences of mental health issues and sexual violence and how she has managed to find hope and recovery through it all.

The self-published book entitled Lines From An Unfinished Love Song, charts a 14 year period of Gail’s life, a story of intense friendship, deep love, overwhelming grief, depression, crippling Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and recovery.

Gail hopes that the book can offer others who are experiencing difficulties, a message of hope. The poems, themselves, says Gail “can probably apply to everyone, I’ve been driven to write them by my own experiences, but the subject matter is by no means out of bounds, I think it’s very relatable; we’ve all been in love, lost someone and at least one in four of us has experienced mental health issues.”

Gail continues, “I have written poetry for over twenty years, publishing had never felt important, but that changed when I was given hope by skilled therapist. Once I had that I started to believe recovery was possible. I want others to know they are not alone and recovery is possible for them too.”

Meet Gail Curry on Tuesday 24th October at 7pm at Whitley Bay Customer First Centre. The event is free but booking essential. Call 0191 643 5390 for tickets.