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The Mindfulness Tool for Survivors has adapted traditional mindfulness practices around the specific needs of women survivors of sexual violence.  A trauma-sensitive approach has been used that recognises that some of the Mindfulness resources available can, for some survivors, be quite unhelpful or triggering. The following areas are covered:

  • grounding for flashbacks, anxiety and panic attacks
  • kindness and self-compassion
  • body-awareness and connection
  • using mindfulness to focus on what we can have gratitude and appreciation for

The material can still be challenging and is not a substitute for professional mental health support.  For further support please visit your GP or your local Rape Crisis Centre.  If you live, work or study in the Tyneside and Northumberland you may want to use our services for women and girls, find out more here. 

This toolkit has been co-created by Rape Crisis Tyneside and Northumberland, Mindful Therapies and a group of seven women survivors.

RCTN and Mindful Therapies would like to acknowledge the time, expertise and personal experience of the seven survivors who wanted to support other women who may be going  through some of the things they have. 


This is an interactive digital version of the tool which includes clickable recordings meditations and activities read by women who have used our services and our volunteers.

A hard copy and CD of the recordings is available for for £12.00 here.

RCTN and Mindful Therapies clients can access this free of charge, please contact us.

When you have completed your purchase you will be receive a link to download the Interactive Mindfulness Tool.  You will only be able to download the tool once, please save it to your system/computer once you have downloaded it.

Click on the links below to see inside the tool: 

INTERACTIVE E-BOOK Rape Crisis Mindfulness Toolkit Pages 8 -9

INTERACTIVE E-BOOK Rape Crisis Mindfulness Toolkit Pages 26 – 27

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