Different definitions of ‘older women use.
Different definitions of sexual violence.
Different data sources & methodologies.
Questions about how older women understand and define sexual violence
Older women excluded from data collection

• Living in care/nursing home, prison, hostel

Discussion Points

Limitations of data. Suggested it is rare but many limitations, we need to treat prevalence as base line figure. The Office for National Statistics publishes the findings from the Crime Survey for England and Wales on an annual basis.  This includes the findings from one of the survey self completion modules which collects data on sexual violence, domestic violence and stalking. Until recently this part of the survey had a cap of 59. As a response to the work by Hannah Bows, this was extended to 74 last year but we wont have a decent set of data for older age group for a few years.  

The survey continues to exclude those aged over 75 and only samples people living in the community, so those in care homes, hostels, nursing homes, prison etc are all excluded. OW often excluded from larger scale data collection on DV. Only to 59 till HB work. CSEW. Living with cognitive impairment or institutional setting are routinely excluded. So some vulnerable OW experiencing SV are are exlcuded from what gets counted..  

Also different definitions of older women used, different studies have different definitions of age so implications for whom they are counting. Different definitions of  SV. Some very broad and inclusive, others only covered under criminal law. How much SV we are counting. How do OW understand and define SV (later). Different studies have different methodologies, some talk to women, some talk to care staff

Most victims of SV don’t report to police.