• Rape is a crime of passion.
• Sexual assault victims must have “asked for their assaults.
• The vast majority of sexual assault perpetrators are unknown to their victims•Older people are not sexually desirable.
• People with disabilities, including people with dementia, are not of interest to sexual perpetrators as potential victims.

Discussion Points

Marital rape was made illegal in the UK in 1992. The illegaility of rape within marriage was laid out explicitly undr the Sexual Offences Act 2003. A You Gov survey found that more than a third of over 65s do not consider forced marital sex rape, (along with 16% of those aged 16-24). Marital rape is outlawed in most countries around the world but until 2015 ten countries currently allow spousal rape. Ghana, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Lesotho, Nigeria, Oman, Singapore, Sir Lanka & Tanzania. In India, where spousal rape is still legal, one third of men admit to forcing their wives into a sexual act.