Discussion Points

Most assaults took place in the victim’s home. The type of relationship had obvious links to the location of the assault. Where the offence took place in the victim’s or perpetrator’s home, the perpetrator was most likely to be an acquaintance or partner to the victim, whereas where the offence occurred in a care home, the most likely perpetrator was an unrelated carer. However, it is interesting to note that despite care homes being the second most common location, in the overall sample unrelated carers were the fourth most common relationship group, suggesting a significant proportion of the rapes in care homes are perpetrated by people other than carers – possibly by other residents or by visitors to the care home. 

Contexts in which SV against OW occurs. Older women experience sexual violence across a broad range of relationship contexts. Some more unique to older women, – intimate partner and family violence/  (ongoing or begins in later life). At home/ (in private spaces) In healthcare and aged care settings / Public space  (least likely). Perpetrators are predominantly men.

The second most common location was a care home. Older people may be particularly at risk of experiencing sexual violence in these contexts which has implications for care providers as well as support services.