Prevalence & gender of perpetrator

Discussion Points

Women and men of all ages can, and do, experience sexual violence. HB’s research found there are around 150 rape and serious sexual assaults involving an adult aged 60 or over reported to the police each year across England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The overall number of reported offences involving an older victim was low when compared to younger age groups. The table show the overall number of recorded rape and sexual assault by penetration offences and the proportion involving an older victim. The total number of recorded rape and sexual assault offences was 87,230. The number involving victims 60+ at the time the offence was committed was 655, representing 0.75% of the total. However, it is likely that the true figure it much higher, as rape is one of the most underreported crimes and older people may experience specific barriers to disclosing abuse.

Reflecting the existing knowledge on younger populations, SV against older is similarly gendered. The vast majority of victims were female (92%) which reflects the national statistics. Most victims were female and most perpetrators were male. Reflecting the existing knowledge. Men were victims in seven per cent of cases, Just 2% of crimes involved a female perpetrator.