Discussion Points

Most perpetrators were known to the victim. The most common relationship was acquaintance (26 per cent), followed by partner or husband (20 per cent) and stranger (20 per cent). This is consistent with national data that estimated that 90 per cent of victims know their perpetrator. (CPS). However, whereas national statistics (ONS 2015) report the majority of perpetrators are partners or ex- partners (47 per cent), followed by other family members (33 per cent), the present study found that the broader category of ‘acquaintance’ was the most common relationship, followed by partner. Perpetrators are predominantly men and again case across life course. Research says current/ex partner but we also see family friends, carers, aged care professionals as they are more likely to need support. Also co –residents and less common strangers. Which is the most typical experience for OW.? Other residents in care home probably more often but more visible than health care professional.