Working therapeutically with survivors of sexualised trauma

Tuesday 11th July 2017, Newcastle City Centre | BUY TICKETS

Working therapeutically with survivors of sexualised trauma: All day event hosted by Rape Crisis Tyneside and Northumberland (RCTN) and Sunderland Counselling Service (SCS)

Places on the course are limited, and are priced at £80 per person including buffet lunch, refreshments and course materials.

Both Rape Crisis Tyneside and Northumberland and Sunderland Counselling Service have trained with Zoe Lodrick recently and have appreciated the great benefits that such training has made to therapeutic work with survivors of sexualised trauma. RCTN and SCS are now working together to bring Zoe back in order to advance our understanding further.

We are sure that, if you’ve attended one of Zoe’s trainings before then you’ll be interested to get to see her again. You won’t need to have attended a session before as she will revisit the essentials of her training sessions. The feedback we get from these events is very positive, so if you’ve not previously attended, this is a great chance!

She will be revisiting some work previously covered and then considering more complex work.

Covering topics including:

– The neurobiology of threat:

Why people do not usually react in ‘logical’ or ‘active’ ways when faced with intimate interpersonal threat;

The impact of the lack of understanding of why the person did not behave ‘logically and actively’, on the individual him or herself (often resulting in guilt, shame and feelings of responsibility);

How, and why, people become vulnerable to repeated victimisation.

– The ‘replay’ in the therapy room:

How neurobiology can help us to understand what will get ‘reenacted’ in the 
therapeutic work.

– The psychology of the offender:

The process that precedes offending (Finklehor’s ‘Preconditions Model’);

The ‘socially skilled’ sex offender;

How, and why, they target certain people;

What the psychology of the offender does to the psychology of the victim.

– More neurobiology of threat:

The adolescent brain;

The specific vulnerabilities of children and, especially, teenagers to sex offenders;

Suggestions for utilising the above to inform how we structure our therapeutic work and, especially, how we support disclosure.

– Working with guilt and shame:

The psychological underpinnings of guilt;

The importance of recognising that reassurance rarely reassures;

Knowing that if you cannot believe something as fundamentally true (from the survivors perspective) as “it was my fault” you won’t be able to hear the other stuff the survivor wants/needs to tell you.

How to hear the guilt and also challenge it.

– Working with female and male survivors.



Arrive for 9:30am for a prompt 10:00am start.

Buffet lunch and refreshments will be provided.

Course materials provided.

£80 per person.

(Rape Crisis Tyneside & Northumberland members cost is £50 per person.)