Concerns & call to action over government decision

The Government has embarked on a policy to create two separate strategies on Violence Against Women and Girls and Domestic Abuse: Why we are concerned and what can be done about It?

The Government has decided to create two strategies – one on Violence Against Women and Girls (the VAWG strategy) and another on Domestic Abuse (Domestic Abuse strategy). We believe this move has no sound basis in evidence and will set back the cause for women’s rights.

Many of us have made our concerns known to the Minister for Safeguarding directly, Victoria Atkins, but the Government is pushing ahead with its decision and has started a consultation process on the VAWG strategy. You can find more details about the VAWG strategy call for evidence here.

We stand with Southall Black Sisters and many more in the VAWG sector and join our support in making public our concerns. We are also asking for your support in urging the Government to reconsider its approach. If you share our concerns, please consider supporting us in the following ways:

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