We believe in women & girls.

We believe in listening to them when they speak. We know that sexual violence is real and too common. We know that it can have long term impacts on those who experience it.

We believe rape culture is real. We know that it leads to women and girls being undermined by myths and stigmas surrounding sexual violence. This sadly also means that sometimes women & girls aren’t believed when they speak about their experiences. We are part of a movement working to fight against and end rape culture.

We believe society tells us to repress and forget about our experiences. This hides the reality of abuse.

We know that you may have experienced disbelief from some people. Some people may have asked unhelpful questions. Sadly, you may have even felt blamed for what someone else has chosen to do to you. We want you to know, you are not to blame for what happened to you.

For over 40 years, we have been part of the Rape Crisis movement, working with thousands of women and girls. Through survivors sharing their experiences we have developed our specialism, along with working with other professionals and academics.

We know that the fear, threat and experience of sexual violence is a reality for women & girls, in Tyneside and Northumberland and across the world.

We know that when a women or girl speaks about sexual violence, she is telling the truth.

We work to break down the stigma and myths that surround sexual violence. We will continue to work with women & girls to create campaigns like #WishISaid, Digital Me and The Older Women’s Campaign to reflect a truer picture of sexual violence.

We want you to know that when you feel able to speak about sexual violence, we will listen, we will hear you and we will believe you.

We believe we can make a change.

We believe we can end rape culture.

We believe we can end violence towards women & girls.

We believe you.

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